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This community is created and maintained by leetje.

It was made for the sole purpose of bringing H/D Icon artists together in a community.

The Rules
1) Thou shallt not harrass or insult other members of this community. Play nice and I shall return the same sentiments.
2) This community is for Harry, Draco and Harry/Draco icons only. I do not want to see any other characters or ships featured on your icons. You can post these for instance at hp_icons and hpshippercons.
3) You are allowed to post blends, FO banners and wallpapers, as long as your post contains some icons as well, since this is still first and foremost an icon community. Put bigger graphics behind a cut.
4) If you have a large batch of icons then please, put these behind a cut as well. A few previews(5 max) are allowed.
5) You are allowed to pimp other HP communities, if you post icons in that same entry as well. Do not post an entry just to pimp something.
6) No fic, essays, discussions or everything else that's non-graphical is allowed. Go to harrydraco or harrylovesdraco for that.
7) No OT(non-HP) posts allowed, at all.
8) You can make icon requests, but for the love of all things that's holy, put images behind a cut or simply post links. Icon requests ONLY.
9) Made an icon out of something that isn't yours? Be sure to ask for permission when needed and give credit to the original maker. Taking credit for other people's drawings or manips is not the right way to go at it. I don't act very kindly towards stealers.
10) Have fun and don't be afraid to post icons, you could also ask for concrit should you want it.

Things that'll get you banned from this community
  • Breaking rule #1 shall get you booted off right away. I do not tolerate childish and immature persons, they piss me off. Break rule #6 & #7 and you'll go byebye as well.
  • You'll get a warning first should you break rule #2 #3 #4 #5 #8 & #9. Do it again and you'll get kicked out.

    These may sound harsh, but I'd like this community to stay nice&clean and true to it's original purpose as much as possible. If you follow by these rules, everything will be ok. I'm not such a horrible person really, just very strict when it comes to running a community.

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